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Spring is for old furniture to stand out

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

Old chest of drawers makeover
Photo: Gina Gaurisas-Wilson

What else happens in the spring besides the easter bunny, leafing trees, baby birds, emerging flowers and everything turning bright green? It’s a time for the dormant to emerge and for the old to compete with the new.

Spring bunny in the flower garden
A garden resident | Photo: Gina Gaurisas-Wilson

The old has something to offer which the new can’t—memories and stories. The music box, the pedal car, the teddy bear with the fluff gone and the missing ear, the chest of drawers that passed through the family for generations. They all tap into memories of our past, reminding us of comfort, play, and joy.

The effect old furniture has on family members grows as more memories are stored in it. Like the tree from which it was made, old furniture stands silent and durable. I imagine both to be quiet observers and wish they could tell us what they’ve seen.

Spring, the time for renewal, is a time to notice the unnoticed and see it with fresh eyes.

Old nightstand before and after

We can choose to refresh our place by removing the unnecessary, leaving only what is meaningful and rewarding.

Mix of old and contemporary furniture in a room

Much can be done with old furniture. If it’s in fair condition just clean it up and buff or replace the hardware. If it’s in poor condition, a good refinish is in order. If it’s any or all of these and the style is not for you, then restyling is an option. The old can live with and complement the new—both equally beautiful. More about this on Mixing old and contemporary—the value and benefits.

Old can be new and fabulous banner

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