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Old furniture as holiday gifts | Mindful giving

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

Furniture and deforestation
Photo: Gina Gaurisas-Wilson

The holiday season is a time for fun and comfort --- gathering with family and friends to share fond memories and create new ones, but as the holidays approach we get busy and hectic with the planning, preparing and shopping of the season.

Simplify shopping. Look around your house for small furniture that you are willing to part with and give it to family or friends who you know will appreciate it. You will be giving mindfully at the same time that you are clearing space in your house.

Photo: Gina Gaurisas-Wilson

Small pieces of furniture are easier to receive as they take less space, are more practical, and are easier to move around.

Here are some possibilities:

  • Chairs can be used just about anywhere

  • Small tables invoke versatility

  • Small dressers can make a great entrance splash

  • Bar carts

  • Foot stools

  • Nesting tables

  • Butler's trays

  • Benches

  • Mirrors

  • Trunks

By giving your old furniture as a holiday gift, you are giving a gift of love and memories to share during these holidays. Unlike much of new mass-produced furniture sold in stores and online, old furniture is typically made of solid wood, quality materials, and good craftsmanship. Made to last. That’s what you are giving!

Old furniture for holiday gifts
Priceless and long-lasting holiday gifts | Photo: Gina Gaurisas-Wilson

If refinishing is needed, you can leave it to the recipients. Include a card telling the story of your piece. If you want to quickly jazz up a piece that looks a bit tired, give it an instant lift by replacing the pulls or knobs with new ones. Keep it simple. A clean design will go with most styles.

Old table gets a quick makeover
Ready for a loving home | Furniture Restyler

If you don’t have surplus furniture to give, thrift stores have furniture waiting for a loving home. Those pieces have stories of their own. Start creating one from the time you’re giving the piece to a loved one. In previous posts I expand on the meaning and stories of old furniture Old furniture tells stories and The little table that spoke to me.

If you have a large number of pieces to give, ensure your gifts are going to willing recipients by making a list of what you are giving and share it with them—like a reverse bride’s wishlist. Each person can select preferred pieces and you make the final selection of who gets what. No surprises.

If you do give old furniture as holiday gifts, I would love to know! Drop me an email.

Have a happy and peaceful holidays!

A small table ready for a holiday gift
Ready for the holidays | Photo: Gina Gaurisas-Wilson

Thanks for reading.

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