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The little table that spoke to me

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

Old table after refinishing
Image: Gina Gaurisas-Wilson

A little table, almost hidden among larger pieces of furniture, was trying to get my attention at a thrift store. And it did just that.

Its proportions and design elements—beautiful legs and perfect little knobs—gave it an elegant simplicity and exquisite appeal. This table needed nothing more than a new finish to make it look contemporary.

Everything else in it was perfect—a timeless piece to stand against trends. Good craftsmanship, solid wood all the way, all in good shape.

The price tag must have been impossible to resist. It was gone before I could go back and claim it mine. I have no picture of it, so I rendered it as I imagined it would be with the new finish and the original knobs.

As there’s a story behind every piece of furniture, I wonder what this little table’s story was. In my version, someone with aesthetic sensibility made it with care and made to last. More on old furniture tells stories.

Bargains like this little table and large pieces are easy to find at thrift stores. As I learned, merchandise changes daily, so visit frequently to find your perfect piece.

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