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Old furniture can be new and fabulous!

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

Photo: Gina Gaurisas-Wilson

One morning on my way to the bakery I came across a large table withering away in a nearby lot, a scene more likely to be spotted driving on a highway rather than in a suburban neighborhood. The prominent legs caught my attention. To me, they were meant to be shown! Soon, I was on a rescue mission.

Old table legs
Photo: Gina Gaurisas-Wilson

Everything in this table was solid wood, except part of the top, which was wood veneer. Solid wood. Meant to last.

Old dining table discarded
Photo: Gina Gaurisas-Wilson

We live in a society where things are considered to be disposable, but like this table, they can be made to last.

Old furniture has inherent possibilities for transformation. My imagination takes me on a journey where magic unfolds and something new emerges… these legs, based on their style, scale and proportion, will determine the design of the top.

Old furniture legs to be used in a new dining table
Photo: Gina Gaurisas-Wilson

This sketch shows what I’m envisioning for these legs using mostly reclaimed and some new wood for the top.

Transitional dining table using old legs
Table design: Gina Gaurisas-Wilson

The double bull nose edge of the top follows the gracious lines from the legs. My intention to overextend the ends of the top is to emphasize the legs and give the table a more transitional feel.

Proportion and scale are very important to achieve a happy balance when marrying old and new. As I restyle furniture for clients, old and new should be compatible and seamless, belonging to each other. Comfort and functionality are equally important.

Getting a second chance is better than going to the landfill—or a suburban lot. Do you know Americans discard 12 million tons of furniture annually? In one of my previous posts, the most Eco-friendly furniture you will ever find, I talk about this issue.

I believe old can be new and simply fabulous! You just have to give old furniture another chance.

Thanks for reading.

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